Dafin Engineering and Project Management Solutions

For many years, Dafin Group  have demonstrated their ability to implement complex industrial engineering projects. The skills and experience acquired in the field allow us to intervene both with project managers and project owners, and as an EPCM in the context of multidisciplinary projects.


Being a multi disciplinary EPC with project management know-how gives us control over all project stages, managing deadlines, costs, risks, documentation and compliance with customer and regulatory requirements.

 We have also developed a qualified network of partners and sub-contractors to complement our in-house capabilities and expertise  

Project management is the key to the success of our projects. We are  responsible for communication with the client, ensuring that requirements and expectations are properly taken into account, monitoring the schedule and budget, coordinating our internal teams, partners and subcontractors, and ensuring compliance with documentary requirements.



Outsourcing management

Over the years, Dafin has developed a large network of qualified subcontractors.
These partners are subject to regular audits and are selected according to their technical capacities, qualifications and economic performance, enabling us to best meet our clients’ needs.


Since the last 45 years, our reputation is built on delivering dependable outcomes based on quality engineering and a proven ability to deliver complex, technical solutions on-time and to budget.We don't waste your time, money or resources reinventing the wheel. Our projects focus on improving constructability, safety by design and the resilience and durability of your systems, and accelerating your schedule through project milestones like zoning and permitting deadlines.

Today, we are guiding our clients through unprecedent change and opportunity, transforming infrastructure that enables a more sustainable, digital and resilient future.

Integrated and Multi-Discipline Engineering Solutions

With expertise across the Mining, Oil & gas, water, Power plants, Industrial and chemical plants, Rail and road projects, Non processing projects, Government projects, we deliver tailored and quality engineering and project management solutions to meet your project needs.

We draw team resources from a full range of engineering disciplines including: 

  • Structural Engineering
  • Civil Engineering
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Processes Engineering
  • Chemical Engineering
  • Environmental Engineering