Dafin Supply Chain Solutions

Reduce purchasing costs and mitigate risks

Procurement Services

Working in close collaboration with our vendors (suppliers and subcontractors), we’re committed to securing sustainable, long-lasting infrastructure that breaks down social, economic and geographic barriers to make life’s critical resources accessible to everyone. In short, Dafin’s global procurement practice goes well beyond price.

We start with safety, relationships and excellence in customer service. Along the way you’ll form partnerships with trusted advisors who share your goals, including those for environmental stewardship and diversity and inclusion.  

Dafin is leading a highly trained workforce for the future, one that will transform procurement through digital technologies and analytics. Let’s work together to deliver the most cost certainty and least risk possible across the life cycle of infrastructure projects.

Our procurement experts help reduce purchasing costs and mitigate risks through the following:

  • Proposal support
  • Global sourcing
  • Procurement management
  • Preparation of request for proposals (RFP) packages
  • Evaluation, recommendation and negotiation of final award of contracts
  • Expediting, contract administration, diversity management, logistics and materials management

In addition, our network of inspection professionals monitors and report on fabrication progress in accordance with contract requirements and established ITPs.

 Dafin has tie up with technology and manufacturing partners with world class leaders who can supply

  1. Engineering plants and equipment’s
  2. Engineering machineries
  3. Water treatment plants
  4. Waste water treatment plants
  5. Air pollution control plants
  6. Steam generation and waste heat recovery boilers
  7. Waste recycling units
  8. Plastic recycling units
  9. Portable/transportable building solutions
  10. Sourcing and supply of major engineering and construction items for construction projects