Dafin Consulting Solutions

Enable strategy, growth and the utility of the future through a full range and scale of organizational, commercial and technical consulting solutions specific to your industry. 


We are living through unprecedented change. Pressures to act decisively, adapt and embrace new strategy and technologies and overcome new levels of regulatory or stakeholder expectations have never been more business critical. You are being challenged to create a more sustainable future, embrace the digitalization of infrastructure and of your workforce, while navigating risk and delivering commercial success and growth.

Realizing new possibilities is within reach and Dafins’s diverse consulting solutions will improve your speed to market, business impact and solution delivery. Wherever you are on your transformational journey or project roadmap, you can engage the right consulting experience in a variety of ways at Dafin. From management consulting services to engineering consulting project teams and by-the-hour specialized industry advisors, we understand the many pathways that unlock success.

Holistic management consulting

With a focus on industries such as Power, Mining and mineral processing, Oil & Gas , Rail, Road and Water as well as other resource-intensive sectors, our highly experienced team of professional management consultants provide a range of holistic process, financial and technology solutions. Dafin brings together combined expertise in advanced analytics and practical business sense with extensive technology and engineering capabilities

Our consultants improve organizational effectiveness, and reduce risks and costs by enabling our clients to adopt and operationalize new technologies and approaches. We help justify and fund major improvements to your utility network and assets. We help you achieve a clear, systematic approach to managing risks. And  we work with executive leadership teams to identify and design business-case solutions to some of our world’s most transformational initiatives solving energy, water and other finite resource challenges. 

 Management Consulting

 Integrated strategy, transaction advisory, business operations, regulatory and technology solutions for wide range of industries.

 Engineering Consulting

 Achieve better performance, value, reliability, resilience, constructability and sustainability from the planning and delivery of infrastructure projects.

Project Controls Consulting 

 At Dafin we are passionate about achieving successful outcomes. Our experiences and skills equips us to deliver the best customer outcomes. We   offer a range of experience and expertise to suit your requirements and achieve your goals by being cost effective and efficient.

 We can provide: 

  • Planning / Scheduling
  • Cost Control
  • Document Control
  • Tender / Bid Preparation
  • Project Administration
  • Procurement and Contracts Management
  • Project data entry and administrative tasks
  • Project Engineering


 Dafin will assist your business in managing and reducing your business run and project costs. Our extensive industry experience has provided us with   deep knowledge and we find ways to reduce your project costs. We work closely with your team of Project Managers, Planners and Engineers to   ensure a consistent WBS, ensure all project costs are captured, maintain variation and milestone progress and also prepare customer invoicing.
 Our Cost Engineers and Cost Controllers have differing levels of experience making them ideal to compliment your business to suit all requirements


 Estimating & Feasibility Consulting

 Dafin Solutions provide a low-cost value-add construction estimating service using the knowledgebase and systems that have been built up from   decades of experience and continual tendering activities in the industrial construction sector.

 We offer this service to construction contractors requiring assistance with overflow work; or tendering in a new field requiring expertise not available   in-house.  We also provide this service to facility owner/operators for project capital budgeting.


 Dafin Solutions estimating is structured as a task-based work methodology that builds project costing from the bottom up to provide verifiable cost   estimates and manning requirements as well as work task scoping that can be used for project planning.

 Our detail estimate deliverables include piping schedules suitable as a basis for project material take-offs, pull sheets and other project   documentation.


 In addition to standard estimating services, our feasibility work includes review of compliance requirements, operational risks and location specific   requirements to identify hidden costs that would affect the delivery of a successful project.

 We use appropriate construction rates and methodologies to suit the region.


 Project Service Consulting

 As part of our Project Services, Dafin supplies following resources.

  • Project Engineers
  • Site Engineers
  • Project management personnel
  • Project/ Construction Managers
  • Project controls personal
  • Cost Engineers
  • Contracts Managers/ Claims Managers
  • Document control Personnel
  • Procurement and expediting services
  • Construction supervision and management
  • Project overflow and short-term consignment labour


 Dafin will integrate seamlessly into customer teams either for a single project or as a resourcing supplement during growth phases of their   organisations.